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We build community spirit and have fun!  The type of dancing we do is called contra dancing.  Contra dancing was what 18th century pioneers did when they had barn raisings and harvest fests and other such community events.  They'd work hard all day and then someone would pull out an old fiddle and everyone would dance!  So if you're into historical fiction and Little House on the Prairie, then this is your big opportunity to experience it for real!

But even if you're not into history or reading, contra dancing is a great way to get some exercise and also connect with community members.  It's a very social dance, because although you do have a partner for each song, you also dance with everyone else in the room!  Here is how it works: you and your partner stand side by side facing another couple (your 'neighbours').  The four of you will do a series of six to eight moves such as 'take hands and circle left' or 'dosido'.  Then, when the sequence is complete, you and your partner progress forward to dance the same set of moves again with a new set of neighbours.  This progression happens often enough that you'll probably have the chance to see everyone else on the dance floor!  And your partner will be right there with you the entire time.

Worried about not knowing how to dance?  Then contra is the place for you!  Contra dancing is very easy to learn, and doesn't require much coordination.  We do a beginners lesson at the beginning of every dance evening that covers most of the moves you'll encounter during the night.  Also, contra dancing is highly structured. There is always a caller (someone who says which moves to do during the dance).  Before every dance the caller will go through the entire dance sequence several times (usually consisting of 6-8 moves).  Then the music begins, and the caller announces each move as it comes.  You won't have time to be self-conscious because you'll be too busy having fun with everyone else.  And it really is easy.

Contra dancing is very good exercise, but it is definitely appropriate for all ages, from young people to elderly folks.  We would love to have you at the next dance, and every dance after that too!

Upcoming Events

Saturday, September 10, 2016
Contra Dance @ 7:30 PM

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Saturday, November 12, 2016
Contra Dance @ 7:30 PM

Saturday, December 10, 2016
Contra Dance @ 7:30 PM

Unless otherwise stated, admission is $8 per person or $20 per family.
Anyone dancing with us for the first time is free!

Our schedule is subject to change. Please check back for updates.


Chilliwack United Church Hall • 45835 Spadina Avenue


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